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Healthcare & General Services

Explore through an assortment of Healthcare management products in Omnia’s Global Medical Directory. Omnia brings you a large collection of healthcare management products including quality management, marketing/advertising and more. This directory provides you with knowledge of companies that specialize in healthcare management, and the ability to contact the manufacturer’s and suppliers you are most interested in.  

Haemostatic Forceps

Bone Holding Forceps

Scalpel Blade Removing Forceps

Atraumatic Tissue Forceps

Ear Forceps

Splinter Forceps

Sponge and Dressing Forceps

Hysterectomy Forceps

Placenta and Ovum Forceps

Kidney Pedicle Forceps

Kidney Stone Forceps

Delicate Forceps

Tissue forceps

Non-Traumatic Forceps

Biopsy Specimen Forceps

Uterine Tenaculum Forceps


Multi Recycler

Vented Cabinets

Vented Storage Cabinets

Solvent Recycler

Solvent Recycler, SRS-5010

Automated Formalin Neutralization Device

Automated Formalin Neutralization Device

Nail Scissors

Bruns Bandage Scissors

Wire and Plate Cutting Scissors

Shrap Scissors

Stitch Scissors

Iris Scissors

Baby - Metzenbaum Scissors

Delicate Scissors

Kilner Operating Scissors

Operating Scissors

Bone Cutting Scissors

Vascular Scissors

Scalpel Handles

Scalpel blade removing forceps Scalpel Handles

Extracting Forceps, English Pattern

Extracting Forceps, American Pattern

Extracting Forceps for children

Extracting Forceps,

Extracting Forceps, Anatomical Handle

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