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Imaging & Diagnostics

Browse a wide range of imaging diagnostics products in Omnia’s Global Medical Directory. Explore imaging diagnostics products including nuclear medicine, ultra sound machines, and more. Omnia’s directory allows you to learn about the companies that specialize in imaging diagnostics, and the ability to contact the manufacturer’s and suppliers you are most interested in.

Skan- C by Skanray

27-inch Full HD 2D LCD LMD-2765MD by Sony

27-inch Full HD 2D LCD medical monitor LMD-2765MD by Sony

HD Medical Video Camera MCC-500MD by Sony

Paper Sony for printer

Printer UP-25MD UP-D25MD Analog / Digital by Sony

Printer UP-DR80MD by Sony

Printer UP-971/991AD by Sony

CT Replacement Tubes Brochures


Medical Films & Printers


Medical Film Printer

Defibrillator Pro+ CardiAid

Defibrillator Pro by CardiAid Pro

Stethoscope Standard Prestige by Kawe

Stethoscope Top Cardiology by Kawe

Stethoscope planet by Kawe

Sphygmomanometers MASTERMED® A1+, 1 tube by Kawe

sphygmomanometers MASTERMED® A2+, 2 tubes by KaWe

Laryngoscope Miller FO by Kawe

Laryngoscope Miller F.O., Macintosh F.O. by Kawe

Diagnostic set Combilight FO30 LED/E36

Diagnostic Set Medcenter 5000 by Kawe

Colposcope Eva Well by Mobile ODT

Colposcope Eva Sistem by Mobile ODT

Portable Vet ultrasound B&W V01 by Medisono

Flat Pannel 14x17 Wireless by Careview

Flat Oannel Careview 17x 17 Wireless by Careview

Flat Pannel PIXX1212 by Pixxgen

Flat Pannel PIXX1212 by Pixxgen

Flat Pannel for Vet & Mobile PIXX1717 by Pixxgen

Flat Pannel for Vet & Mobile PIXX1717 by Pixxgen

Flat Pannel PIXX1717 by Pixxgen

A medical device that wirelessly transmits endoscope images  from an attached commercial endoscope probe to a mobile platform


Mobile X-Ray Jolly Plus by BMI

Mobile Xray Jolly Plus DR by BMI

X-ray GC85A By Samsung

Kalos by GMM

Calypso C by GMM

Opera Swing by GMM

Opera T Evolution by GMM