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Imaging & Diagnostics

Browse a wide range of imaging diagnostics products in Omnia’s Global Medical Directory. Explore imaging diagnostics products including nuclear medicine, ultra sound machines, and more. Omnia’s directory allows you to learn about the companies that specialize in imaging diagnostics, and the ability to contact the manufacturer’s and suppliers you are most interested in.

Iris Scissors

Baby - Metzenbaum Scissors

Delicate Scissors

Kilner Operating Scissors

Operating Scissors

Vascular Scissors

Scalpel Handles

Scalpel blade removing forceps Scalpel Handles

Extracting Forceps, English Pattern

Extracting Forceps, American Pattern

Extracting Forceps for children

Extracting Forceps,

Extracting Forceps, Anatomical Handle

Digital retrofit solution

Medici DR retrofits (stationary and mobile)

Digital X-raying with cassettes

Divario CR-T2

The portable X-ray backpack system

Leonardo DR nano

X-ray suitcase solution

Leonardo DR mini II - The lightweight X-ray suitcase

Wireless,  digital X-ray imaging with a lightweight and portable complete solution

Amadeo M mini System

Cholesterol Measuring System - Lipid Pro

Blood Glucose Monitoring System - GluNEO S3

Blood Glucose Monitoring System - GluNEO S3

HbA1c Analyzer - Clover A1c Plus

HbA1c Analyzer - Clover A1c Plus

Measuring Instruments

Rhinology Instruments

Tongue Depressor

Spatulas Accessories





Micro Scissors

Scalpel blades and Handles


Percussion Hammers

Medical Waste Incinerator

Medical Waste Incinerator


ODI DR Software

ODI Mammography Software

ODI Flat Panel Detector

ODI Dental Sensor