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99 Technologies S.A.

Via al Chioso 8
6900 Lugano
+ 41 91 970 29 29

The Company
99T is committed to bringing to the market
innovative technologies in the realm of no-touch
environmental disinfection. In healthcare, the
company’s mission is to make a tangible contribution
to the fight against Healthcare Acquired
Infections (HAI) by supplying its customers with
systems that are characterized by elevated
efficacy, modular treatment intensity, true
flexibility of use, rapidly executed preventive
schemes, technology-induced strict compliance
to protocols, ease of use, convenient portability,
and cost effectiveness.

The Technology
To execute a disinfection cycle, 99T systems
micro-nebulize into the environment one of the
company’s proprietary disinfectant solutions
transforming it into an extremely fine mist which
behaves, in terms of reach and pervasiveness,
similarly to a gas. The mist’s droplets are distributed
evenly and thoroughly over each square
centimeter of the surfaces forming a coating of
high biocidal efficacy which covers even the most
hidden and remote corners. The disinfectant
solution is chemically engineered to ensure
optimal wettability and extended interaction
with bacteria’s membranes, to leave minimal
residues, and to provide elevated biocidal efficacy
eradicating viruses, bacteria, spores, and fungi
from surfaces.

The Innovation: changing no-touch disinfection
Disinfection cycle’s speed and versatility of use
offered by 99T allow to rethink the deployment’s
modalities of no-touch technologies. Typically,
those are limited to lengthy and mostly remedial
decontamination routines, generally implemented
only when the infectious outbreak is
already at peak levels. 99T’s technological
innovations empower users with instruments
that effectively maintain the microbial load under
control thanks to fast and broadly executed
disinfection treatments. Disinfection becomes
true prevention only when widely and effectively

The Other Fields of Application
The technologies developed by 99T find potential
applications in other business fields as the need
to control the microbial load on surfaces becomes
mission critical beyond healthcare. For instance,
players active in the pharmaceutical, foodstuff,
agricultural, shipping, waste disposal, and medtech
industries adopt the use of 99T’s systems.


99S Disinfectant Solution

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