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Innomed Solutions LLP

B 807, Sivanta One, Opp. Nalli Showroom
Nesr V S Hospital. Ritamnagar, Paldi
Ahmedabad Gujarat 380007

Innomed Solutions LLP was incorporated in 2019, as the International Marketing arm of Sigma Surgical Pvt ltd. Ahmedabad, India.

We strive to provide high quality, customised Orthopedic solutions, whilst keeping in mind the affordability of the patient.

Our team of highly trained and professional sales associates are standing by 24/7 to provide a dedicated service to all our customers.

We are very proud in our state of the art manufacturing facility M/S Sigma Surgical Pvt Ltd founded in 1998. The new manufacturing plant of Sigma Surgical Pvt Ltd covering total area of @ 30000 sq. Meter, adopting the latest robotic controlled CNC machinery and employing highly skilled work force with a sound management system is considered the largest and most sophisticated manufacturing facility in India and among the best in the world.

We take pride in having our own dedicated and well experienced team of practicing surgeons and engineers to develop new concepts in Orthopedic surgery in to workable solutions in our R & D. The primary objective of our R & D is to creat customised and affordable Orthopedic solutions to all.

Our product range :

All type of Orthopaedic Impalnts and Surgical Instruments.

1. Bone screws locking and Non locking (Stainless steel and Titanium.)

2. Bone Plates  Locking and Non locking (Stainless steel and Titanium.)

3. Interlocking nails  for Femur , Tibia and Humerous Bones (Stainless steel and Titanium.)

4. Spinal impalnts and Cervical Implants System (Stainless steel and Titanium.)


Orthopaedic Impalnts Bone screws (locking and Non locking) Bone Plates ( Locking and Non locking) Interlocking nails Cervical impalnts spinal impalnts in Stainless steel and Titanium