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Nieuwstraat 8
2275 Lille
Tel: +32 3 369 11 08

mattteo bvba is manufacturer of intelligent storage systems for healthcare.

By combining new technologies like RFID and RTLS with our MODUL-iT ISO modular storage system, we create intelligent RFID solutions for real-time stock management & traceability.

Apart from that, we also produce MODU-FLEX ISO modular trolleys: a flexible trolley system with countless possibilities.  

All these solutions are developed and produced by mattteo. They allow an optimal material management in every hospital department.

Improve your logistics organisation? mattteo is your partner!
We provide clear and straight to the point consultancy with direct results. 

Welcome... and MAke Things Talk To Each Other

MODUL-iT Open Transport trolley

MODUL-iT Open Modular Trolleys

MODU-FLEX 1 section transport trolley with roller shutter

MODU-FLEX Carts & Trolleys with Roller Shutter

IRIS i-LOC: RFID based RTLS system

IRIS i-CAB: Intelligent RFID cabinet with real-time stock management & traceability

MODU-FLEX cart/trolley with telescopic drawers and working top

MODU-FLEX Carts & Trolleys with telescopic drawers

MODUL-iT ISO Modular Trays and Baskets in ABS

MODUL-iT ISO modular trays and baskets

MODU-FLEX Carts & Trolleys

IRIS i-ROOM: Real-time stock management with RFID technology

MODU-FLEX 1 section ISO modular transport trolley with door and code lock

MODU-FLEX Carts & Trolleys with doors

MODU-FLEX carts/trolleys for specific use

MODU-FLEX Specials

MODUL-iT ISO Modular Racks

MODUL-iT ISO Modular Rack System

MODUL-iT modular cabinets

MODUL-iT ISO Modular Cabinet System