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Munkbron 11, level 1
111 28 Stockholm

Noomi is a remote AI care solution, which connects a sensory, lightweight wristband with a cloud-based machine learning platform, identifying emergencies and analyzing the behaviours of those in need of care. Noomi is designed to support hospitals, elderly care organisations and home care service providers, deliver more efficient high quality care.

Our starting package provides an alarm button, advanced positioning, unique fall detection and out of bed alerts, in a single wristband, but our focus is on the collection of behavioral data, such as sleeping patterns, activity level, bathroom visits etc. Through the monitoring of both the acute and subtle changes of a person’s daily routine, we are able to provide primary caregivers with tailored alerts and health insights that allow them to recognise symptoms before they escalate, while responding to emergencies more rapidly.  

Noomi was developed by placing the user at the centre of our design, our wristband is discreet and durable and with a battery life of up to 12 months it fits into the background of everyday living. This reduces the need for numerous complex devices or sensors, combining them in a single easy to use solution.

If you would like to find out more about how Noomi could benefit your organisation and the people you care for, then please come and visit us!

Noomi AI Remote Care