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Ultraviol Sp. j. Pietras, Purgal, Wojcik

Stepowizna 34
95-100 Zgierz

Established in 1993, ULTRAVIOL is a Polish manufacturer of high quality medical devices:

- UV-C germicidal devices and systems for effective disinfection of the air and surfaces/UV-C air purifiers.

- LED ultra-slim X-ray film viewers with superior light uniformity.

- X-ray film viewers with shutters for mammograms.

- Digital images viewing stations for operating rooms, equipped with a medical keyboard (washable),  monitor calibrated to DICOM and anti-reflective glass. The device can operate as independent station or in the hospital systems PACS, RIS and HIS.

- SAD phototherapy lights.

Aseptor AS 236 inteligent, UV-C air disinfection system

ASEPTOR AS 236 air disinfection UV-C system

Energy-saving UVGI flow germicidal lamps with the external direct radiation UV-C bulb, switched on in people absence

NBVE 60/30 NL dual function UV-C flow germicidal lamp with external radiator of direct action, wall mounted, with counter of working time

Flow germicidal lamp NBVE series

UV- C flow and direct action germicidal lamps for air and surface disinfection NBVE and NBV series.

DICO 1M40" dico viewing stations

DICO - Digital and analog images viewing station (PACS,HIS)

X-ray film viewer LED NGP 21 made by ultraviol

LED NGP 21 X-ray film viewer