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Radiant warmer CERAMOTHERM
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CERAMOTHERM® – Radiant warmer for baby changing, examination and
intensive care

In various situations patients need support to maintain their body temperature. This applies to unclothed babies during nappy changing, infants under longer examination, centralised patients and during theatre preparation and recovery. Infrared radiant warmers are ideal for this purpose. CERAMOTHERM radiant warmers are the result of more than 40 years of continuous development in the medical use of infrared radiation.

Short-wave radiation (IR-A) can be dangerous for eyes and the thin skin of babies. This is why CERAMOTHERM radiant warmers supply infrared radiation in the wave-length spectrum of 1.5 - 6.8 µm (IR-B + IR-C), according to the surface temperature of their ceramic heating elements.

When medium and long infrared rays reach the human body, they are absorbed by the upper skin layers and converted into heat. The blood circulation is increased and the warmed blood is transported and distributed in the body. CERAMOTHERM infrared radiation is gently and efficiently converted into sensible cosy body heat.

CERAMOTHERM 3100 – 1 ceramic heating element (capacity 600 W), 2 LED stripes 5 W each illuminate the patient pad evenly and dazzle-free. Equipped with a closed mashed high-grade steel safety grid.

CERAMOTHERM 3200 – 2 ceramic heating elements (capacity 2x 400 W), covering a larger area. 2 fluorescent lamps 18 W each illuminate the patient pad evenly and dazzle-free. Equipped with a closed mashed high-grade steel safety grid.

Special characteristics:

  • Quick-Heat function produces the required warming energy within shortest time and outshines conventional radiant warmers.
  • The CERAMOTHERM system allows a fine adjustment of the intensity in mW/cm², optionally in %. A pre-set starting value can be chosen in the menu.
  • After a certain time above 10 mW/cm², radiation intensity is automatically reduced to a safe value.
  • Automatic distance detection with intensity compensation available. The intensity for the patient is adjusted to a steady level.
  • No formation of dangerous focus below the radiant warmer. Radiation intensity is directed to the patient pad directly and evenly.
  • Light intensity can be adjusted in 5 steps.
  • Clearly arranged operating panel and a colour display with automatic brightness control allow an intuitive operation of the radiant warmer.
  • 3 timers: Apgar-timer, stopwatch and countdown-timer
  • Wide range of fixtures available. Can be mounted at the wall, the ceiling or a mobile stand, suitable for any individual application; flexible heat everywhere.

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