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Flamenco Nurse call by Tunstall

The system for perfect communication: Flamenco®

Flexible, safe, economical: Flamenco® is the future.

Communication is the basis for all human interaction. It happens every day in our contacts with other people. If we can keep communication simple, we will facilitate smooth processes and ensure that everyone knows exactly what is happening.

In hospitals, where lots of people with different needs come together, communication is particularly vital. Everyone has a different perspective. Patients expect a quick response when
they have desires or feel bad, while doctors and nurses may have a large number of patients to look after. Especially at night this can become a real challenge. There are patients who can’t
get around by themselves, for whom transfers to other parts of the building constantly have to be arranged – from ward to theatre, from recovery to ward, to physiotherapy and back or to
the lab for a blood sample. In addition, there are so many other tasks that need to be arranged and coordinated as efficiently as possible. Hospital managers shoulder a great responsibility –
not only for patients and staff, but also for commercial success and robust operations. And to meet all these different concerns and interests. Each hospital depends on an optimum solution to
its communication needs to meet all these different concerns and interests. Good communication stands out due to clear messages that everyone involved can understand. More than ever, with
hospitals competing among themselves, getting the message is crucial. A hospital must treat patients as clients, respect their preferences and expectations and seek to accommodate them
to survive in the market.