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Hot effluents treatment plant recycling heat

Origin of effluents


From food wagon wash stations, laundries, autoclaves and other process effluents discharging more than 30°C (Maximum legal French authorized heat for wasted water).

MEDICAL PROCESS plant lowers the temperature of the effluents by various means:

  • Simple: Flow of effluent through a buffer tank with the addition of cold water.
  • Recycling: Flow of effluents through heat exchangers to recycle calories and feeding machines upstream.

If the effluent have different non-compliances, as irregular pH value + High temperature, it is possible to combine many treatments in one main plant.

French legoslation:

Arrêté du 2 fevrier 1998

  • Lower the effluent temperature
  • Custom design depending on specific need
  • We assist you for the first run
  • We can install the plant
  • We provide training to the user’s staff
  • We have very competitive rates
  • We provide Monitoring and warranty