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Motorized laparoscopic 5-mm needle holder - JAIMY

JAIMY the first motorized laparoscopic 5-mm needle holder, features…

With bidirectional flexion and unlimited rotation of its end-effector, JAIMY can access difficult to reach areas in the abdominal cavity. It overcomes the ergonomic restrictions of conventional laparoscopy without increasing incision size, hence making complex procedures easier. Reusable, space saving and easy to use, JAIMY takes minimally-invasive surgery a step further.


Clinical applications

Pediatric surgery Fundoplication (creation of an antireflux valve)

Pyeloplasty (pyeloureteral anastomosis)


Radical prostatectomy (Santorini plexus ligature, urethrovesical anastomosis)

Sacrocolpopexy (mesh fixation and peritonization)

Partial nephrectomy (renal reconstruction)

Pyeloplasty (pyeloureteral anastomosis)


Hysterectomy (vaginal cuff closure)

Myomectomy (multi-layered suture closure of defect)

Sacrocolpopexy (mesh fixation and peritonization)

Endometriosis treatment (reconstruction of vaginal fornix, vesicoureteral anastomosis)

General surgery

Fundoplication (creation of an antireflux valve)

Colorectal surgery (intracorporeal anastomoses)


Gastric bypass (gastrojejunal and jejunojejunal anastomoses)