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 MRgFUS Women’s Health Oncology & Pain Management TOMABLATE Neuro Women’s Health TOMABLATE women health solution provides a non-invasive treatment for symptomatic Uterine Fibroids and Adenomyosis that spares the uterus, enabling future fertility. Focused ultrasound waves, guided by magnetic resonance imaging are used to safely ablate tumor tissue, ensuring a high rate of effectiveness with minimal complications and adverse events. Performed on an outpatient basis, patient can return to work and normal activity within a day. Uterine Fibroids TOMABLATE uses MR guided Focused (MRgFUS) as a non-invasive thermal ablation technique to relieve symptoms caused by uterine fibroids with minimum effect on the surrounding tissue. The MRgFUS results in destruction of the uterine fibroid tissue using a controlled thermal effect. The ultrasound energy is focused onto the fibroid, heating the targeted tissue above the protein denaturation threshold at temperatures above 55ºC for one second. Heating the fibroid tissue beyond this threshold for a few seconds results in local tissue heat fixation and coagulative necrosis of the treated volume. A single application of the energy is called a ‘sonication’ and a typical treatment is comprised of multiple repetitions. Sonications are repeated until the entire volume of the fibroid has been treated. Immediately post treatment, the physician can evaluate the result by injecting a contrast

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