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Insufflation assembly REANIMAT O2-Blend
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REANIMAT®-O2-Blend – Insufflation and Suction

The supply of oxygen-air blends by so called blenders is part of the clinical standard today. These blenders are often combined with a connected flowmeter for dosing the flow.

The insufflation assembly REANIMAT-O2-Blend is a universal device for the supply of medical oxygen-air-blends both for stationary and mobile use.

Dosing of the flow is possible from 0 to 60 l/min, according to the intended clinical use.

Optionally, a suction unit can be integrated in the insufflation assembly which makes this device indispensable for various non-invasive applications of breathing gas support in pediatrics, neonatology and adult care.

Special Characteristics:

  • On/off switch by which the gas supply can be interrupted after use. It is not necessary to put the wall plugs into park position or to close the cylinder valves.
  • A second take-off supplying oxygenated blended gas is an ideal upgrade possibility. By using a Y-piece, the sum of both flows can be made available. In this way it is possible to use one take-off for the rough selection and the second take-off for fine tuning.
  • The selected parameters are of impressive consistency. If the flow is changed, the oxygen concentration remains unchanged, and if the oxygen concentration is changed, the selected flow remains constant.

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