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VITADHA® liquid - high content omega-3 DHA supplement in single vial
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VITADHA® liquid - high content omega-3 DHA supplement in single vial

Omega-3 DHA is a precious fatty acid very important for the eye and the brain, but that often lacks in our diets. VitaDHA® liquid formula provides 1500mg of DHA, up to five times more than most of the available DHA supplements. It comes as fish oil in the highly bioavailable triglycerides form with a great tasting lemon flavor.

VitaDHA® liquid is designed to cater to people who need larger amounts of DHA to compensate for deficiencies in their diets or who have an increased need for such a nutrient. 

TARGET: General population.


• Omega-3 DHA and EPA are a structural component of the cell membranes in the body. DHA is the main omega-3 fatty acid contained in the retina
and the nervous structures. At a functional level, DHA plays a substantial role in the mediation of biochemical processes that allow the transmission

of signals between neurons. Clinical studies have shown that deficiency
of DHA in the diet can lead to reduced brain levels of dopamine and its receptor that may occur with a decrease in attention and learning ability. DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal function of the brain and the vision with a daily intake of 250 mg*.

PACKAGING: 30 vials of 6 g/6,5 ml, 1 month supply.
SHELF LIFE: 3 years.