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Innomed Solutions LLP

  • Locking Plate System (Stainless Steel & Titanium)
  • Locking Plates System have advantage for the osteosynthesis of mandibular fractures on the basis of clinical parameters. Locking plate and screw systems have advantages over the conventional screw systems. Conventional plate and screw systems require precise adaptation of the plate to the bone segments and the occlusal relationship. As the screws are tightened, they "Lock" to the plate, thus stabilizing the segments without the need to compress the bone to the plate. This makes it impossible for the screw insertion to after the reduction. The possible advantages to this property of a locking plate and screw system are a decreased incidence of inflammatory complications from loosing of hardware.

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  • Interlocking Nails

    Interlocking nails are the preferred mode of treatment for fractures of long bones femur, bia and humerus with minimal inseron. Presently, more than 95 per cent of femoral fractures and unstable bial fractures can be treated with interlocking nails. Interlocking nails are inserng in the intramedullary canal and act as an immobilizaon device to hold the ends of the fractured bone. Different kinds of interlocking nails are designed to suit different requirements. System of intramedullary nails that is designed to help restore the shape of the fractured long bones to its natural, pre-injured state.The comprehensive system comprises intuive instrumentaon and a large choice of anatomical implants.

    We are making all nails as details given below,

    01 Hyper Proximal Interlocking Nail For Femoral Bone  (PFNA)

    02 Proximal Interlocking Nail For Femoral Bone  (PFN)

    03 Flexi Nail (TEN/Elastic Nail)

    04 Antegrade Interlocking Nail For Femoral Bone  (AFN)

    05 Hyper Distal Interlocking Nail For Femoral Bone (DFN)

    06 Distal Interlocking Nail For Femoral Bone (DFN)

    07 Hyper Interlocking Nail For Femoral Bone (Femur Nail)

    08 Classic Interlocking Nail For Femoral Bone (Femur Nail)

    09 Hyper Interlocking Nail For Tibial Bone (Tibia Nail - Expert Type)

    10 Classic Interlocking Nail for Tibial Bone (Tibia Nail) 

    11 Classic Interlocking Nail For Humeral Bone (Humerous Nail)


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