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Diagnostic Tests

Anatolia Montania 484 Real-Time PCR Instrument

Anatolia Bosphore & Bosphore Ultra HCV Real-Time PCR Kits

Anatolia Montania 4896 Real-Time PCR Instrument

Pointe Scientific Estradiol (EIA) - Steroid Tests

Pointe Scientific BUN (Urea Nitrogen) Standard

Pointe Scientific Lipase (Mindray™ BS-200)

Pointe Scientific γ-Glutamyl Transferase (Mindray™ BS-200)

XN-9100 – Tailoring haematology to your needs


CyFlow® Cube 8

CyFlow® Cube 8



XN-3100 – Fully scalable to your workload demands


Atellica Portfolio of Laboratory Products

Thalassemia Gene Diagnostic Kit HBGA-THAL (a5-b16)

Hepatitis B Virus Real-time PCR Kit

Thalassemia Gene Diagnostic Kit

Prenatal Neonatal - Hearing Loss Susceptibility GenoArray Diagnostic Kit

5 Low-risk HPV Real-time PCR Kit (HBRT-L5)

13 High-risk HPV Real-time PCR Kit (HBRT-H13C)

14 High-risk HPV with 16/18 Genotyping Real-time PCR Kit (HBRT-H14)

37 HPV GenoArray Diagnostic Kit (HBGA-37PKG)

21 HPV GenoArray Diagnostic Kit (HBGA-21PKG)

23 HPV Genotyping Real-time PCR Kit

CT/NG/UU Real-time PCR Kit (HBRT-STD3)

STD3 GenoArray Diagnostic Kit (HBGA-STD3)

CareStart™ G6PD Biosensor*

CareStart™ G6PD Biosensor*

CareStart™ Scrub Typhus IgM*

CareStart™ Scrub Typhus IgM*

CareStart™ Dengue Combo (NS1+IgM/IgG)*

CareStart™ Dengue Combo (NS1+IgM/IgG)*

CareStart™ Malaria*

CareStart™ Malaria*

CareStart™ G6PD RDT*

CareStart™ G6PD RDT*

EUROArray Dermatomycosis

EUROArray Dermatomycosis

Hurricane Nephelometry Immunoassay System

Pregnancy & Fertility - Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-1 (IGFBP-1)

Pregnancy & Fertility- Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)

Pregnancy & Fertility- LH

Urinalysis Strips

Drug of Abuse- Oral Fluid

Drug of Abuse - Dipcards

Drug of Abuse- Drug Screening Cups

Tumor Marker - FOB/Transferrin Combo

Tumor Marker- Transferrin