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Incubator Thermocare Vita
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THERMOCARE Vita - Incubator for warming and intensive care of new born babies

The pre-term birth is the most difficult start into our world and a great challenge for the physicians, nursing staff and parents. Therefore, we have developed our incubator Thermocare Vita to combine the climate stability of a closed ambiance with increased access and contact possibilities offered by open care systems. An optimum air flow guide and the noiseless micro humidification system minimises the generation of noise inside the incubator THERMOCARE Vita.

Special characteristics:

  • Four sturdy smooth double castors provide a stable position of the incubator and allow easy movement.
  • For special treatments the patient deck can be pulled out completely.
  • X-ray cassette is accessible from the outside.
  • Fold-down perspex walls (one-hand operation) allowing quick offhanded access to the patient. Four large hand port windows (2 at each side) can be opened quickly and easily. It is possible to open both hand port windows by one central pressing.
  • The incubator can be disassembled for cleaning and disinfection with effortless ease. Only a few individual components must be cleaned.
  • Innovative technology controls and monitors the selected values of air and patient temperature as well as humidity and oxygen concentration.
  • Low-speed air circulation system for reducing the air stream over the patient rest. Operating noise in the interior < 42 db(A).
  • High-speed air circulation system in case of removed canopy or open walls (‘air curtain’) as well as for quick heating-up of the cold incubator.
  • Noiseless micro humidification system with open evaporation vat for hygienic cleaning and disinfection of the complete humidification system, there is no residual water in the system (no danger of contamination).

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